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Trucking Company – Carrollton, Texas

We’re a trucking company that specializes in freight shipping and serves the people of Carrollton, Texas. Freight Shipping is among the most typical kinds of transport we provide, and it can be for any kind of cargo from basic materials to automobiles. It’s important to note that each type has different obstacles when it concerns securely transferring them without damage or meeting local customized laws.

If you have a load of raw materials for manufacturing, they need to be transported at an appropriate temperature so they don’t spoil during transport. There are specific safety requirements that must be met before they can legally cross state lines if you have a shipment of cars ready for the dealership.

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Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is the method of moving items by means of rail, truck or ship. Freight Shipping is thought about any shipment over 150 pounds and deliveries in this classification consist of trucking, intermodal rail freight (including train-to-ship transfer), marine cargo (shipping to/from another country), shortsea shipping (between US ports) and inland barging.

Deliveries that fall into among these categories are designated as “freight” and they usually require heavy equipment for packing, discharging, or other transport-related activities. ; ocean containers need a crane to be offloaded once they reach port whereas air shipments may be palletized and ready to be driven away by a forklift.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy haul trucking is a specific niche industry that requires customized devices and drivers. While there are many guidelines in place to ensure the security of all celebrations included, this also makes it tough for business who require to move freight over these legal limitations.

At Rigs Trucking Company we work with our consumers to find options that fit their requirements and spending plan. We have access to providers across the country which indicates we can get your freight moved no matter where you’re located. With years of experience behind us, we understand how crucial it is for our customers’ deliveries to get here safely and on time. Our goal is constantly 100% client complete satisfaction so if you’re trying to find a heavy haul trucking company give us a call today!


Making sure that all the best actions are taken to make sure a smooth transport of goods is not easy. There’s a lot of regulations and compliances involved, along with numerous other elements like climate condition, traffic jam and so on.

With so much at stake when it concerns logistics, you need to make sure everything goes efficiently. You don’t want your delivery postponed or lost due to some unforeseen event. That can be extremely pricey for any organization!

The solution is in employing an experienced trucking and logistic company like RIGS TRUCKING COMPANY who have years of experience in the field and understand how to deal with even the most difficult shipping scenarios with ease! These companies will look after every action required from start till end– consisting of getting authorizations and licenses if needed– so you can focus on running your service without needing to fret about anything else but making sales!

Dry Van

A dry van is a fully enclosed semi-trailer, which is designed to secure your valuables from the aspects. It’s made from difficult steel and normally has roving around the edges to keep items from shifting in transit. Dry vans are readily available in several different sizes, with 20′- (6m) and 40′ (.12 km) being popular lengths.

As pointed out above, dry vans generally have roving around the edges to keep products from shifting in transit. This not only protects them versus any damages that might be triggered throughout delivery however likewise prevents any undesirable spills or overfills also. These type of trailers utilize tarpaulin sheets at the top for additional security versus water damage coming down unexpectedly.

What is LTL Freight?

A LTL (or less-than-truckload) freight shipment is made up of cargo that doesn’t require a full truckload. This type of shipping is the most popular for businesses, requiring an established account with a carrier to ship small amounts and enables customers greater control over packaging methods.

How does freight shipping work?

Over the years, shipping has drastically changed. Now that almost everything in life can be bought online or ordered directly with just a few clicks of our mouse, shipping freight has actually evolved and transformed in many areas.

Freight shipping is an industry that utilizes specialized transportation to accommodate bulk shipments of cargo via logistics management services. Freight Shipping manifests the use of specialized service providers to substitute for common carrier transport: Airfreight, Motor vehicle cargo (cargo), Natural gas pipeline transmission, Roll-on/roll off Sea carriage etc carriers have developed freight network which optimize routing decisions based on load size & weight and other parameters such as product origin and destination etc some common examples are airfreight – used for international movements.

Facts About Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton is the second-largest city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, primarily because of how it plays host to a number of corporate headquarters. Home to major names like J.C. Penney and Pizza Hut – which all started out as what we might now call ‘mom and pops’ – Carrollton has become notorious for its famous logos on trucks and skyscrapers alike. But this town is more than just a landing spot for superstar corporations; you’ll also find family-friendly theaters, thriving restaurants with all your favorite cuisines (Tex Mex!) and free attractions like Southfork Ranch from “Dallas” fame or The Carrie Underwood House Museum—plus plenty more where that came from!

Rigs Trucking Company Fort Worth